At the heart of the gospel is Jesus’ instruction to love God and neighbor.  Here at First Presbyterian Church we are a community of love.  We are bound together by the Holy Spirit in love for God, for each other, and for our neighbors.  We enact this love through care, education, hospitality, mission, and worship.

Care: Care of the congregation is provided by both the pastoral leadership of First Presbyterian Church and the Deacons through visitations at home and in the hospital.

Education: Volunteer teachers lead the education of the church.  From children to adults, First Presbyterian Church is committed to helping people grow in their faith.

Hospitality: Welcoming visitors and hosting fellowship events are imperative to the life of the church.  Hospitality emphasizes these acts in order to assist the people of the church to build connections and relationships.

Mission: The church can never be focused solely on itself but is called to love and care for the community.  The mission of the church is to work for justice, mercy, and peace within Jonesboro and around the world.

Worship: Worship is the activity of the church as it praises God.  This is done primarily on Sunday mornings as we hear the Word of God proclaimed, our hearts are joined together in song, and the sacraments of Baptism and Communion are celebrated.

Mission Statement

First Presbyterian Church invites  a diverse community of people, believers and those who have doubts about God, to engage in mission that calls for justice, to join in worship that transforms, and to learn more about who God calls us to become as followers of Jesus Christ.