There is a place for you in Risk Taking Mission and Service, and I don't mean serving on the committee. I mean serving God through our concerted efforts of love. Can you feel it? God is working here and it is a joyful experience.

Stop Hunger Now!

Getting to Ferncliff by 9:00 a.m., packing 5000 meals and going back to Jonesboro all in the same day surprised some of us from First Presbyterian. It was flat out fun. As with virtually of the Presbyterian and other volunteer trips I have taken over the years, I came home tired, and satisfied. Each of the 5000 meals will serve six children or adults. That means First Presbyterian provided a meal for 30,000 people. I hope that makes you smile as a member of the church. It made all of us who participated smile. Just ask anyone who participated. Really, anyone!


Check out the pictures from our trip to Ferncliff Camp & Conference Center! We were there to pack meals for the Stop Hunger Now! program. Everytime we packed 1000 meals we rang the gong! Fun day!


Upcoming Events

As we move into the Advent season, the church has traditionally engaged in several mission and service projects.

*Thanksgiving Community Meal- Please contact Patty Minga to help with preparing dressing. Also, we need 10 pies and cakes that do not need to be refrigerated.

* 10,000 Villages. Share Christmas giving by purchasing items made by developing nations artisans. We anticipate getting new items including more gifts for children. Contact Jeanne Hatcher or Patty Minga, if you can help staff the project. They will have dates and times when your help is needed during the last week of November and the first weekend of December.

* Angel Tree. We have a new approach to Angel Tree gift giving. This year we will fill bags for 10 little guys, 10 teens, and 10 seniors. The tree will go up in November.


Mission Outreach

We are very excited to be working with Mission Outreach Ministries. Mission Outreach is coming to Jonesboro, just two blocks down from the church, and will be providing emergency shelter, transitional living apartments, and great job training skills for at risk persons within our community.

There are a lot of needs that must be met in getting Mission Outreach up and running, if you can help, make a donation here that will go directly to the ministry of Mission Outreach here in Jonesboro!

Click here to help us support Mission Outreach!